Internet is divided over this viral video of two women dancing in Delhi metro, watch

In the footage, two women can be seen dancing to the tune of Asha Bhonsle’s popular song “Main To Beghar Hoon.”

New Delhi: The videos capturing incidents on the Delhi Metro have been grabbing headlines and stirring controversy for quite some time now. Passengers have become increasingly irritated with the behavior of certain individuals who make dance videos, engage in quarrels, or perform obscene acts inside the train coaches. One recent video that has gone viral on social media shows two women creating an Instagram reels video inside the metro.

This particular video shared by Kavya Kunwar has sparked a strong reaction among netizens. In the footage, two women can be seen dancing to the tune of Asha Bhonsle’s popular song “Main To Beghar Hoon.” The lively dance routine caught the attention of viewers, but it also raised eyebrows due to the inappropriate nature of the act in a public space like the metro.

The clip has garnered numerous comments from social media users, many of whom expressed confusion and frustration over why the women chose to create a dance reel despite being fully aware of the rules and regulations set by the authorities for traveling on the metro. Delhi Metro regularly shares advisory posts on its official channels, emphasizing the importance of maintaining decorum and not disturbing fellow passengers during the journey.

Netizens, outraged by the video, took matters into their own hands and tagged the official Instagram account of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), urging them to take necessary action regarding such behavior. People expressed their concerns, stating that actions like these not only disrupt the peaceful commuting experience but also disrespect the rules and rights of other passengers. They called for the DMRC to enforce stricter measures to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.

One user expressed their disapproval, stating, “We shouldn’t encourage these types of pointless activities. The metro is not your personal property to behave as you please.”

In contrast, another user commented, “She didn’t infringe upon anyone else’s freedom and didn’t obstruct anyone’s path. I admire her confidence!”

These comments reflect contrasting perspectives on the incident involving the girl in the Delhi Metro. The first comment criticizes and discourages such behavior, emphasizing the need to respect public spaces like the metro and refrain from engaging in activities that may disrupt or inconvenience others.

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