Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Science journalist Helen Pearson shared her experience of being a mother in a TED Talk and gave a good tip. She sets aside 15 minutes every night to talk to her kids about their day. Right after this, she makes them go to bed. This sounds really sweet and smart, and there are more interesting tips that experts would love to share with you.

We at ViralSection know how important it is to get professional advice on how to raise a child. Here you can find 10 tips that may help you be a better parent.

1. Let your baby share a bed with you until age 3.

Some researchers suggest that the safest way for a baby to sleep is to sleep with their mothers. Pediatricians noticed that it might not be safe to put them in another room. 16 infants were studied while sleeping in a crib and on their mother’s chest. Monitors showed that a baby is 3 times more stressed when they sleep alone.

It is the best, according to scientists, if a baby shares a bed with you until the age of 3. At the same time, there is a suggestion that bed-sharing before 4 months isn’t very safe. If you’re holding a newborn on your chest, try not to fall asleep.

2. Don’t pressure your kid to eat more.

Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Put healthy foods on your table, experts say. In this case, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your baby is eating unhealthy food or about the amount of food they’re eating. Some parents may force their children to eat because they may think that they are hungry. It is better to not put pressure on a child about food. The same thing goes for diets. Only have healthy options and let your child decide what to eat.

3. Don’t panic if your toddler doesn’t want to use the potty.

Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Yes, it is good to not have to waste money on diapers every month, but potty training should be done on the child’s time. According to a pediatrician and author of Baby 411, there is no right age to start using a potty. Your child just has to be ready for it and show interest. But the approximate time for it is between 2 and 4 years old.

4. Give your toddler choices to teach them to make decisions.

Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Even a toddler needs to be taught independence. Pediatrician Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe says that strict guidelines are not the best option. It is better to not impose your will on toddlers. They need choices. For example, ask your child what he or she prefers for dinner, or what color T-shirt they want to wear.

5. Involve your child in the appointment with their doctor.

Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Health literacy is important when raising a kid. Children should also learn how to visit a doctor and be able to give the doctor some information by themselves, experts say. Just let them participate in their doctors’ appointments. Doctor Abrams says that by age 6 children can start answering some questions during a checkup. Don’t isolate them and don’t answer all of the doctor’s questions by yourself. They should understand that they are also responsible for their health.

6. Pay attention at any change in eating habits in newborns.

Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Family physicians notice that newborns usually eat frequently. If you have to wake your newborn up to eat or if they don’t finish their normal feeds, they could be sick. Also pay attention to symptoms like whether they’re sweating while they eat, changes in how they cry, or if they’re sleeping more than normal.

7. Do these things if your baby is under the age of 1 and won’t stop crying.

Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Sometimes you may feel like you’ve done everything, but your baby just keeps crying. If they are dry, well-fed, and rested, but they still keep crying, try using these techniques, as experts suggest:

  • Rocking them in a rocking chair or in your arms
  • Playing soft music
  • Walking them in your arms or in a stroller
  • Driving in the car
  • Playing rhythmic white noise, like a fan or the dishwasher

8. Build confidence and self-esteem from an early age.

Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Some doctors suggest that children with good self-esteem are happier. In this case, they can be less likely to succumb to peer pressure. Self-esteem helps children to make better decisions. Parents should praise a child and acknowledge their efforts and achievements. Encourage them to be better by:

  • Giving them age-appropriate responsibilities and not forgetting to say thank you in return.
  • Spending time together. Kids should know that they are important.

9. Pretend that you don’t notice the screaming when they are having tantrums.

Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Screaming toddlers in a store may seem like a typical scenario, but there is a question of how to handle this situation and stop the tantrums. Dr. Tanya Remer Altmann says that the best way to stop tantrums is to ignore them. When your child is in a safe place, just look away. As soon as your child looks for attention, and realizes that he or she isn’t getting it, the screaming will stop.

This will probably be hard to do for the first time, but you can try. Also, bringing some books and favorite toys can distract your toddler.

10. Plan a fun activity following your child’s dentist visit.

Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

If you are going to the dentist, try to plan some fun activities right afterward to make good memories be the last thing that happens. You may want to ask your child what they would prefer to do after visiting the dentist.

Besides, dental hygiene is very important and it is something that you need to teach your child as well. Let children choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste. It is good to read books or watch videos made for kids that talk about dental hygiene.

Which tricks or tips do you use to raise your child? What do you normally do to calm down a baby if he or she is crying? Please, give us your feedback!

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