20 People Whose Visit to the Gym Turned Into an Interesting Situation

We doubt that many people go to the gym specifically to meet funny people or to participate in intriguing situations there. But the Universe often has its own plans. And internet users have a bunch of exciting stories about going to the gym: some people found out whether or not cat food can help you gain muscle, others came up with an original way to get up early in the morning, and someone found out that there may be a very weird dress code in the sauna.

We at ViralSection are glad we didn’t miss these stories from people who will remember their visit to the gym for the rest of their lives, even if they weren’t ready for what happened.

  • I was at the gym today and the guy who was using the treadmill next to me was on his Facebook the whole time. Apparently, he got distracted by a message, started to reply to it, forgot that he was actually running, fell off the treadmill, and almost broke the mirror behind him. And no, he didn’t get up right away feeling awkward. He was just lying there and typing the message. I was so amazed. © SongOfaWhale / Twitter
  • Once, I was sitting on a bench and I heard 2 guys saying: “You look amazing, bro! You’re the best-looking guy in this gym.” “Nah, you are, bro!” I turned around and saw identical twin brothers. © mister_sleepy / Reddit
  • I went to the gym and decided to listen to music, wearing my headphones while working out. So I started the music and sat on the stationary bike. And suddenly my phone told me: “Slow down. In 2296 feet, turn left.” I almost fell off the bike because I was so surprised. It turned out that my phone uploaded some navigator audio files into the music player for some reason. © PivBear / Pikabu
  • At the gym, I put all my things in a locker, except for my shoes. I just leave them under the bench. Today, I went back into the locker room after my workout and saw a random girl trying MY shoes on in front of a mirror. When she realized that I was their owner, she slowly, and without any embarrassment, took them off and said: “I just wanted to order the same pair of shoes online.” © Overheard
  • I saw a guy who helped a girl adjust an exercise machine and I thought that they came together. Then I saw another guy spotting her while she was doing an exercise and I thought that she had come with him. And it turned out that she was just so pretty, that she came with every man in the whole gym. © Livotovas / Twitter
  • I work at a gym. Once, we noticed a woman who would come to the gym in the morning and go straight to the swimming pool without taking her clothes off. Then she would take off her fur coat, lie down on a deck chair, cover herself with this fur coat, and take a nap. After a couple of hours, she would wake up and go home. Once, a security guard went over to her to find out what was going on. It turned out that her husband, who is a member of our club, bought her a membership as a gift and now was trying to force her to work out. He’d wake her up in the morning and drive her straight to the gym. And he’d pick her up again after 2 hours. So she decided to pretend that she was working out. © Overheard
  • Some guy kept staring at me at the gym (I’m also a guy) and it was making me uncomfortable. And he wasn’t staring at me sexually or just randomly side-eyeing. He was staring at me intensely while he lifted the weights, like he was trying to intimidate me. Well, it worked! I felt violated and changed gyms. He wasn’t even a bodybuilder, he was just creepy. © alexthegreatmc / Reddit
  • I have a friend who is kind of a big and muscular guy. I would even call him a bodybuilder. He shared an interesting story with me. He once went to the gym after work, and on his way there he walked into the store and bought about a dozen small bags of food for his cat. He put them in his bag and headed to the gym. In the locker room, he put his bag next to him, opened it, took off his training clothes, and started to change. And 2 young guys were standing next to him and staring at him. Finally, one of them gave up, went up to my friend, and asked: “I’m sorry but does this…ummm…stuff… help build muscle mass?” And he pointed at my friend’s open bag. © Buhalsbomjami / Pikabu
  • I remember a guy who would spit or lick his hands before lifting weights or using machines. And, of course, wouldn’t clean it afterward. © SeattleCoffeeRoast / Reddit

20 People Whose Visit to the Gym Turned Into an Interesting Situation

  • A guy at the gym was saying goodbye to everyone. When we asked him why he was leaving so early, he said: “Well, I don’t care about this stuff and my wife cooked chicken with potatoes for dinner today.” © jul_iss / Twitter
  • One lady always came to the gym an hour before it closed. She looked like she was straight out of the ’70s with super curly black hair, a sweatband, leg warmers, arm warmers, tights, and neon everything. She even wore blue eyeshadow, red lipstick, and heavy eyeliner. She was super nice and friendly, but just a little bit weird. © Corignium / Reddit
  • I go to the gym in the morning before work. Once, I saw a girl who came out of the locker room, headed to the pool, and just fell into the water, feeling completely relaxed, like a bag of potatoes. Then she emerged from the water, muttered: “Good morning,” and went back into the locker room. © Overheard
  • There was a woman who was hanging out in the locker room in her underwear. She was there when I came in, and still there an hour later. Someone told me she was probably an IG “model” doing a selfie photoshoot. © SundayMorningTrisha / Reddit
  • I work out at a gym. I once saw a guy who looked like my old friend and I was going to say hi to him. He headed in my direction and I greeted him. When he got closer, I realized that it wasn’t my friend, but some random guy. I wasn’t taken aback since this wasn’t the first time I had ever been in this situation So we were sitting next to each other, smiling, and he was talking to me like we had known each other for ages. I thought that he might have known me from somewhere. So I decided to confess and tell him that I have bad eyesight, so I mistook him for my friend… And he replied to me:

— So you aren’t Jane?

I was confused.

— Ummm, no.

— I was thinking the whole time that you were Jane from the tax place. By the way, I have problems with my eyesight too.

I think I’ve found the person I’m meant to be with. © Overheard

  • A guy was trying to match my speed on the treadmill. He made no eye contact and said nothing. The only indication that he was paying any attention to me was that as soon as my machine beeped and sped up, he would make his machine speed up too. I even did it rhythmically one time to see if he’d match it, and he did. One time, I put the treadmill up to 10, just to see if he could keep up. And he did. © beatscribe / Reddit

20 People Whose Visit to the Gym Turned Into an Interesting Situation

  • For a while, I worked at the reception desk at a gym that was located not far away from a university. And I noticed a guy who looked like a student. He always came to the gym wearing a suit, but without a bag with his change of clothes. He usually went to the locker room, spent some time in there, and then left the gym. All of our lockers are secured, but we don’t have any cameras inside the locker room, so we didn’t know what he was doing in there. I had been wondering about his behavior for a long time until I overheard his conversation with another gym member who seemed to be his friend:

— How long have you been doing that?

— Doing what?

— Using the toilet here?

— For a long time. The restrooms at our university are dirty and I can’t sit on the toilets there. But it’s clean here and they have toilet paper.

— Got you.

This guy definitely knew how to use all of his membership privileges. © DikovinnijZver / Pikabu

  • I left my gym (it’s located on the 3rd floor), went down to the shopping mall on the ground floor, and headed to the bakery department at the grocery store. A bulky guy who was like 6’5’’ tall was standing in front of me. It looked like he was going to ask the shop assistant for something. But then a thin, short guy, who still looked pretty athletic came into the same shop and went to a different department. The 6’5’’ tall guy pretended to choose a product at the department that was located next to the one with the cookies. The athletic guy then left the shop after 2 minutes, and the guy who was standing in front of me sighed with relief and asked the shop assistant to give him a couple of pistachio eclairs. The shop assistant replied to him:

— Here you go. But why you didn’t ask me right away? You always buy them and I saw that you were going to ask.

— Did you see the guy who was just passing by?

— Yes.

— That’s my coach. If he sees me buying a pastry, I’m dead. © type59 / Pikabu

  • I went into the sauna at the gym and a few guys in there were still wearing their gym clothes and sneakers. They looked at me in a weird way for having a towel and flip flops on. © hoopsandpancakes / Reddit

Which visit to the gym will you remember forever? Have you ever been in an awkward situation or met funny people at the gym?

Preview photo credit mister_sleepy / Reddit

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