Internet Users Share the Stereotypes About Women That Annoy Them Most of All

Even though we all know that each woman (and each person) is unique, there are still a lot of stereotypes about the beautiful half of the planet that are in heavy rotation. Reddit users decided to find out what those annoying clichés are and created a thread that unexpectedly became pretty popular.

We at ViralSection couldn’t miss an opportunity to share the voice of the people with our readers and want to offer you the chance to complete this list with your own ideas and experiences.

  • Every time I throw up or say I feel nauseated, literally since I was like 16, the FIRST conclusion someone jumps to is, “Are you pregnant?” Like can we get sick without it being because we’re knocked up? © Ashleighbell032

Internet Users Share the Stereotypes About Women That Annoy Them Most of All

  • That we all love shopping. I HATE shopping. © SaltyDoggoMeo
  • That every woman is the same and that we all like the same things. © chocopinkie
  • Stuff about our periods in general. Like if we’re mad, it’s definitely because we’re on our period. © lady_laughs_too_much

Internet Users Share the Stereotypes About Women That Annoy Them Most of All

  • The “women never get along with each other” mindset is honestly the most infuriating stereotype I hear about women. © CardSharkAttack
  • That we don’t need pockets in our clothes. © Minemose
  • That we’re only supposed to like rom-com movies. Someone once told me that I have quite the masculine movie collection. © junedy

Internet Users Share the Stereotypes About Women That Annoy Them Most of All

  • That as little girls, we all dreamt about our future wedding. Not all women want to get married or actually enjoying attending weddings. © Smurff833
  • That because you don’t like another woman, it’s just because you’re jealous. © xClovis7
  • That all women want or need children. © xClovis7 Also, that women who don’t have children are not maternal or not good with children. No, I just enjoy a disposable income and I am too selfish to take care of another living creature. © chillisprknglot
  • That housework is our responsibility. © Ireallylovemypeaches

Internet Users Share the Stereotypes About Women That Annoy Them Most of All

  • That maternity leave is basically a vacation. If you’ve ever experienced the exhaustion of carrying a child and the intense body changes that occur during and after delivery, you’ll find out that maternity leave is necessary for recovery and that it is not a vacation. Try working with a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-degree tear, while now trying to deal with a baby that needs to feed every 2-3 hours. © pinkblossom331
  • That a woman’s looks are the most important thing to her and therefore she spends all of her time taking care of them. © Transparent-Paint
  • That everything we do is to attract men. From wearing revealing clothing, to wearing makeup at work, to gaming… apparently even the “not like other girls” types who abstain from and denounce things associated with attracting men are accused of… doing it to attract men. ©CatzRuleMe

Internet Users Share the Stereotypes About Women That Annoy Them Most of All

  • That we’re basically never allowed to be upset about anything and are always labeled as crazy or hysterical or irrational or dramatic. ©CatzRuleMe
  • That we mean the opposite of what we say. © glitteraapje
  • That we’ll buy anything if it’s pink. Pink guns, pink staplers, pink calculators, pink camo… ugh! © reykolt
  • That being a feminist means you think women are better than men or that you are a man-hater. © billymumfreydownfall

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“I decided to stop shaving a while back, I realised it was unnecessary and uncomfortable. I didn't care what I looked like so why should shaving matter? If I wasn't supposed to have the hair it wouldn't grow. Personally I am happy with my decision, why wouldn't I be? It's a natural occurrence of the body; of course it's beautiful. It makes me feel strong and empowered, taking on my full form as a human being. I made a choice to do something and stuck with it. I received a lot of compliments and an equal amount of negativity. People would tell me this beautiful NATURAL thing was disgusting (not that that changed anything). The oddest response I received was probably from the people telling me I was 'brave' for doing so. Why does leaving my hair make me brave? In this day and age something so normal is so obscure because we are taught to think it's wrong. It's not how people in magazines or on TV look so it's bad… They are wrong. Everyone is beautiful, with hair or without, but we need to stop teaching that difference is wrong and start teaching that it is a fantastic thing. It's 2017, wake up and look however makes you happy. You won't regret it.” ⠀ – Charlie Roberts​, artist. Photographed for the ‘Natural Beauty’ project (2017). See more on

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  • That it is mandatory for all women to shave or trim every single hair on our bodies. © DarshnaRekha
  • That we all hate when our significant other goes to hang out with friends & that we expect them to be with us 24/7. © totesmagotes69

Can you think of other stereotypes about women that you’ve heard or encountered? Guys, why don’t you share stereotypes about men as well?

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