20 Reddit Users Share the Most Embarrassing Things From Their Google Searches

If you’ve ever checked how to spell a word correctly using Google search, you should know that you’re not alone — while making this article, we checked a couple of words too. But there’s no reason to feel embarrassed about this, because other people have some much weirder stuff in the depths of their search history.

To find out about the shameful things that might be hidden in people’s internet searches, user Bobokay12 created a thread on Reddit. We at ViralSection went through it and chose 20 of the most outlandish answers for you.

20 Reddit Users Share the Most Embarrassing Things From Their Google Searches

  • Is watermelon a cucumber? I felt like an idiot as soon as I hit search. But anyways the answer is basically yes. @umarekawari
  • My friend recently asked for my mailing info so she could send me a Christmas gift. I was too embarrassed to ask which info that includes, specifically, so I turned to Google instead. I’m almost 25. Not my proudest moment… @unlucky-poppy
  • I googled if Rihanna and Shakira were the same person. @BecauseWeCan
  • I’m a health care provider. My Google search history has symptoms and diagnoses. Yeah, sometimes I google your symptoms too. @dallyingberet

20 Reddit Users Share the Most Embarrassing Things From Their Google Searches

  • How often I have to look up normal words to make sure I have spelled them correctly. @De-Nomolos
  • I chipped a tooth and searched if it could GROW back. @DeOnlySpicyBoi9
  • I never quite learned my psychiatrist’s name. Have heard it multiple times, been seeing her for 6 months, once a week. Of course, it got to the point where asking her would just be too weird and too late. So, finally, I had to google her to figure it out. @avclub15
  • How to get rid of annoying babies.” Forgot to add “Sims 4” at the end. @kkdays

  • How to boil an egg… and I’m a chicken farmer. @chickenlady88
  • Words in my own language that I need to translate from English, because I remember the English version of the word, but not the one from my own language. @katjamming
  • How to use a washcloth. All my life, I’ve bathed by lathering up with just a bar of soap. Then I saw a web video making fun of people who don’t use washcloths, so I started experimenting with using one. Thinking maybe I was doing it wrong, I tried looking up tutorials. Haven’t found anything compelling enough, though. @ShabaDabaDo
  • I use Google Maps every day for my work address. @manysmalldogs

  • Barbie dolls. I am a 19-year-old girl and I am still very fascinated by them. @thatoneidiothere
  • “Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun lyrics” and it took me to the EXACT song I was looking for. “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear. @Cuppycakess_
  • How many ounces are in a cup. I’ve been a professional chef for years and I always forget that basic stuff. @inomenata
  • I look up my symptoms of however I’m feeling and then conclude I’m dying all the time. I should really stop being a cyber-hypochondriac, but what if I’m actually going to die this time?? @peachtartx

20 Reddit Users Share the Most Embarrassing Things From Their Google Searches

  • I ran a mile today as fast as I could and then googled to see what the average person is supposed to be able to do. Found out that I’m 50% slower than expected for an “in shape” 50-year-old. I’m 34. @jcforbes
  • “How to shower,” “how to poop,” “how to pee,” and other regular human stuff. I’m not an alien or anything. I just want to make sure I was taught correctly as a child. @poolboywax
  • Those of you who have googled, “What is this weird thing in my girlfriend’s bathroom” raise your hand. In my case, it was like a hair trap so she doesn’t have to snake her drain in the shower. Yeah, I got one now too. @KE5TR4L
  • My co-worker was looking over my shoulder when I was googling something and it auto-completed into “Why does my poop smell so bad?” They’re still laughing at me, even though it happened 6 months ago. @x420PussySlayer69x

And what’s hidden in your search history? Don’t be shy about sharing your unusual Google searches in the comments!

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