14 People Whose Looks Are So Stunning They Became Famous

Many of us have friends with a unique appearance that is easily remembered just after one shot. Look at the girl who was teased that she looked like “a skunk” before, a girl with “Einstein” hair, and a guy with amazing eyes and you’ll understand that the inventiveness of nature is limitless.

ViralSection put together photos of people who were born with a truly unforgettable appearance.

Shilah Madison has an uncombable hair syndrome. She’s also known as “the girl with Einstein hair.”

13-year-old James Stewart has vitiligo.

Chanco is a baby girl with very thick hair.

Mia Aflalo from Israel is also an owner of unbelievably voluminous hair.

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🖤🖤🖤 hair: @sagidahary

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Kaine Buffonge has heterochromia.


Legend Pearl, the daughter of model Eishia Brightwell, is a mulatto with red hair.

Jewell Jeffrey is one of the most famous people with albinism.

Melanie Ramirez. Her huge eyes are the result of a rare genetic defect.

14 People Whose Looks Are So Stunning They Became Famous

Elliott Jay Brown from London has 24,000 followers thanks to his freckles.

Masha Tyelna is called “an elf” and “a girl with the biggest eyes in the world.” She’s a model.

Rebecca Heckard was called “a skunk” when she was in school because of her vitiligo. She grew up and became a model.

As soon as Gwilym C. Pugh grew his red beard, he stopped being an insurance broker and became a renowned model.

Laren Galloway is an adorable baby with dark skin and blue eyes.

Roger Garth has such an angelic appearance, he’s in high demand as a model of male and female images.

Bonus: Have you ever noticed that David Bowie’s pupils are of different size? This condition is called anisocoria.

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I was going to write a little piece about either the new elements in the periodic table or my research. However, given the recent passing of David Bowie, thought I would dedicate this to him. There is a condition called heterochromia iridum, it is a rare condition where a person has two different iris colours. This condition is either inherited, caused by disease, trauma to the eye, two different cell populations or different cells from different zygotes. Congenital heterochromia iridis affects approximately six out of a 1,000 people. It is more prevalent in animals (cats and dogs). With that being said, David Bowie did not have this condition. He had something called anisocoria, which is, the size of the eyes' pupils are not the same and that is due to the paralysis of the muscles that contract the iris. It is more relevant than heterochromia iridum because it affects 20% of the population. It can be symptom of a serious problem or harmless. Anisocoria can happen physiologically, due to trauma, oculomotor nerve palsy, and pharmacological agents.

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