Uday Chopra Says He’s Fine, His Suicidal Tweets Were Just Dark Humor That’s Misunderstood


Uday Chopra, recently, hogged headlines for his cryptic tweets about depression. The actor mentioned that he isn’t okay and is feeling suicidal which left everyone worried. Within no time the news went viral with people from all walks of life wishing him to get well soon. But the actor has now brought the mystery behind his depressive thoughts to daylight and blamed it all on his ‘dark humor’ which is often misunderstood.

In his latest tweet, Uday wrote, “Seems like I tweeted something recently that got a few of you worried. I’m totally fine, it’s just my dark humour that sometimes gets misunderstood. Thanks for all your concern though”.

In now-deleted tweets, Uday revealed his intentions of a possible suicide. Chopra added that he deactivated his Twitter account for a while which felt like putting his life to rest.

“Confession: I am not ok! I am trying but so far I’m failing”, he wrote. In another one he said, “For a few hours, I De-activated my twitter account. It felt as close to death as I could get. Was phenomenal! I think this is a good option to suicide. I might be doing it permanently soon.”

Many successful Bollywood personalities like Deepika Padukone have suffered and come forward to spread awareness about depression. Is Uday trying to keep himself away from the limelight during his dark days or was it actually a joke? This still remains a mystery.

Whatever be the intentions and story behind his tweets, we hope that the actor is in the best of his health.

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