This Woman Refused To Speak To A Muslim Representative, Twitterati Trolled Her Badly


Twitter user Pooja Singh is well known for wreaking havoc on the social media platform with her racist tweets which reek of bigotry.

Last year, she slammed Airtel and refused services from them after they assigned a Muslim representative to her. This is ridiculous, and not to mention, her attitude is downright disgraceful. In this day and age, it is alarming to see people who claim to be educated and civilized expressing such bigotry and hatred for fellow communities.

The worst part? No amount of trolling or online hating can stop her. History repeats itself and so did she.

Recently, she slammed Vodafone for their poor services in a tweet.

Vodafone immediately replied to her tweet and offered their help. However, the tweet was signed with a name, “Faraz”. Nothing unusual about that, right?

But clearly, the woman had an issue with the name and she refused to deal with the representative. She asked Vodafone to assign a different representative to her.

A lot of people trolled her; in fact, they’re even saying that this is a publicity stunt.













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