Terrifying Videos Show Titanic-Like Experience After Norway Cruise Loses Engine Power


Even though all of us absolutely loved Titanic, we can’t deny that it has scarred the idea of travelling by sea!

The idea of being onboard on a ship, cruising through icy cold blue waters, and the air playing with your hair on the deck may seem fascinating. But the slightest bit of turbulence can make one’s head spin!

Viking Sky, a cruise ship that set off the west coast of Norway, was stranded in the rough sea after it lost engine power.

It sent out a distress signal after it began drifting towards land. One told sources that the cruise had been “near disaster”, calling the waters there a “shipyard cemetery”.

It became really difficult for the cruise to remain afloat because of the “notoriously difficult” stretch of water, so it started tumbling violently!

A passenger later posted a video and to say it looks terrifying would be an understatement!

According to sources, almost 500 of the 1,373 passengers had been airlifted off the ship at the time.

“During the night, the sea was very rough. The boat rolled and rolled. And then we went to breakfast. And then we were going for the afternoon film show, and then the lights suddenly went out,” said Derek Browne, from southern England, who was on board with his wife Esther.

He said that they were lifted and rescued by a helicopter and that it was a “quite frightening experience”.

Luckily, the cruise later regained power and then moved towards the nearest post with the help of tugboats.

Enough reasons for not travelling by sea!

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