Mom Creates Celebrity Outfits From Scratch, Dresses Up Daughter In Impressive Photo Series


Fashion can be a lot of different things for different people. It is a form of self-expression for folks who like to experiment with their looks. For those who hate wearing high heels, it’s pain. But for this mom, fashion is a beautiful bonding exercise with her little girl.

Alya Chaglar is a painter from Turkey. Sometimes though, her bright and beautiful daughter Stefani is the canvas. She uses stuff on hand to emulate outfits worn by stars like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and even Meghan Markle. Then she clicks pictures of Stefani posing happily in them. Her “dress like a celebrity” photo series has catapulted the five-year-old showstopper to fame. They have a whopping 2,02,000 followers on Instagram.

In an interview Alya says,

“It takes around 10-30 minutes to recreate a celebrity’s look, we use nothing more than plastic, paper, tin foil and other materials you can find around the house, and a stapler to stick the pieces together.”

What a creative genius! Check out 20 of her fabulous recreations. Maybe they’ll inspire you to try it too.

1. Who wore it better?

2. Budding model?

3. What a darling doll!

4. The Princess Diaries

5. Giving Cardi B a run for her money

6. She is a born poser!

7. This is how you use bubble wrap


9. Nailed it!

10. Dayum Girl!

11. Watch out Rihanna, you’ve got some serious competition

12. How adorable is this!

13. Fashion face-off

14. The detailing on this one is epic

15. Slaying

16. How can paper look this stylish?

17. Red carpet ready

18. Favourite recreation

19. Another one made out of newspaper

20. Such swag

Can’t get enough? Check out more of this mother-daughter duo’s amazing work by following #ahStefani. Which one of these recreations is your favourite?

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