Kapil Sharma Slams A Troll Who Accused Him Of Making Disgraceful Comments On Women


Kapil Sharma is one of the best comedians India has produced. He rose from nothing and is a self-made man. He successfully runs a show now, and Kapil Sharma is at the peak of his career. Besides that, he was also known for some controversies, but it’s good to know he moved forward from it.

Kapil Sharma is back ruling the TRP charts with his talk show The Kapil Sharma Show. Recently, a twitter user highlighted a certain segment of the show, which hurt the sentiments of Desi twitter and even netizens called out Kapil Sharma for his words.

Well, a twitter user shared a nasty tweet indicating towards women and further said these were the words of Kapil and accused him for being disrespectful towards women.

Many people hoped in the conversation few in favor of Kapil and few were bashing the twitter user for posting the nasty tweet. A girl joined the conversation asked others to check the last line before ranting at Venimadhav who posted the tweet and even urged to lodge a complain against the comedian who speaks gibberish on television.

The girl went on to tag Sony Tv and asked the channel to boycott TKSS show. Kapil Sharma joined the conversation by addressing the girl as her sister and asked her to check the facts first as these comments were not made by him.

Read the tweets below:






Why these unnecessary trolling guys?

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