Jadavpur Professor Says ‘Virginity Is Like A Sealed Bottle’ In A Post, Enrages Social Media


Ladies, in today’s bit of ‘Which object we are?’, we are sealed bottles. Yay (?)

According to Times Of India, Kanak Sarkar, a Jadavpur University Professor, Department of IR, wrote a piece on ‘Virgin Brides’ for ‘value oriented social counseling for educated youth’. He rhetorically asked the readers whether they’ll be ‘willing to buy a broken seal while purchasing a bottle of cold drink or a packet of biscuits’?

According to the students of the University, the professor, who specialises in political sociology, political thought, constitution and government has garnered a reputation for posting controversial opinions on social media.

The post which has now been taken down, had some severely messed up notions of virginity, loaded with myths built around ‘hymen’.

Indian education is face palming itself hard RN.

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