India Carried Out A Strike On A Terror Camp Across LoC, Netizens Are Feeling Proud.


After nearly two weeks of the Pulwama tragic incident, Indian Army avenged Pulwama martyrs and proved what it takes to fight back. According to Indian Air Forces a group of Mirage 2000 Indian Fighter Jets released thousand kg bombs on the militant camps across the Line of Control.

The targets were neat, they wanted to destroy the JeM training camps and control rooms across the LoC border.This is the same militant group that claimed responsibility of the Pulwama incident, in a video that went viral soon afterwards.

According to sources the terrorist launch pads are completely destroyed in Balakot, Chakoti and Muzaffarabad. Even JeM’s Alpha-3 control rooms are no longer there.

India successfully carried out this mission at around 3:30 this morning and made sure they are doing exactly as planned.Today our Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be meeting the top ministers to discuss about security forces in the cabinet committee.

The moment our nation woke up to the news which is this great they took to various social medias to express how grateful they are for this prompt action. They saluted the bravery and applauded like never before.




















So, how is your josh this morning?

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