Honest Review Of The Accidental Prime Minister, Netizens Are Calling It A Propaganda Film


This weekend, we are seeing the release of two much awaited films – The Accidental Prime Minister and Uri. The Accidental Prime Minister created a lot of controversy even before its release, and we couldn’t wait to see Anupam Kher in this avatar.

From the very beginning, you must keep in mind that the film is based on a book, and offers an in depth insight into the life of Manmohan Singh, during his tenure as the PM.

It’s very clear from the onset of the film that propaganda is the main agenda of the film – to portray Manmohan Singh as a mere puppet in the hands of one of the most powerful families in the country.

In fact, the former PM is showcased as a weak and dare we say, spineless man, who was entirely manipulated and controlled by Sonia Gandhi and clan.

Anupam Kher must be applauded for his efforts to portray Manmohan Singh. However, The Accidental Prime Minister is a film that grossly lacks clarity or even a sense of a proper agenda. That is enough to belittle even a man of Kher’s calibre.

Twitterati, however, are divided on their opinion. While some are calling it propaganda films, some are saying that Anupam Kher is disgraceful in the film. On the other hand, some are saying that the film highlights the truth of his tenure.






The film did receive some positive reviews:



Propaganda film or not, we would give the film 2 out of 5 stars.

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