Heights Of ‘Jugaad’: Korean News Channel Turns Roof Into Studio To Capture Real Skyline As Background


In this age of green screens and digital editing, a lot can be done to visually enhance any setting. If you want yourself featured in a video with unicorns running around in La La Land, you’ll have it within a flick of a finger!

But maybe this Korean news channel didn’t know they could do that…

Usually, news channels digitally add the city’s skyline behind the anchors later during editing. But Korean television station MBC has a swag of their own.

They actually went on to set up a studio on a building’s roof so that they had a real skyline as the background!

MBC transformed the roof of a skyscraper into a make-shift studio to capture the Hanoi skyline as the background.

They finished the setting just in time before the Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting which took place recently.

However, to the audience, it wasn’t clear that the Hanoi skyline in the background was for real.

So, pictures from behind the scenes were posted on Facebook which took people by surprise!


The studio was set up on the roof of Hanoi Daewoo Hotel to capture the skyline.


This is innovation and sincerity at its best!

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