Girl’s Screenshots Of Chats With Her Brother Is Basically Every ‘Bro-Sis’ Relationship


If you have grown up with a sibling, we bet, your childhood has been awesome. From pulling off those naughty pranks together to taking a firing from your parents for your brother or sister, life always has that extra bit of flavor with a partner in crime.

For all the girls out there, your brother can drive you crazy at times, they can piss the hell out of you, hurt you, and make you feel like never dealing with him again. But they will also be the first one to stand up in your need, to protect you from even a scratch that comes your way. To cut it short, they can do anything for you.

No matter how demanding you may be, your brother will always bow down to your wishes to make you happy. This brings us to a post on Twitter, which explains the brother-sister relationship in the most perfect way.

In this conversation between a sister and her brother, we can see the sis asking her bro to bring momos on his way home! Not once, but on several occasions.

What’s cute about the chat is that how the brother satisfies his sister’s hunger every time and gets momos for her, performing the duties of an ideal bro. We bet, all of you can relate!

Here is the tweet:

People could relate to the conversation like anything and comments poured in the thread.

If that wasn’t cute, we don’t know what is. Siblings are precious, and if you have one, you’re one of those lucky ones. 🙂

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