Desi Man Proposes To A Dutch Pilot On Instagram, Gets A Hilarious Response From Her Husband


Social media has obviously bridged physical distances like never before. Lovers can interact on multiple platforms even if they are thousands of kilometers apart in reality. And you can even fall head over heels in love with someone you never met, really thanks, social media, you’ve got my single back.

This is what happened to a man who fell in ‘love’ with a pilot after seeing her picture on Instagram. Eser Aksan Erdogan shared a picture of herself from the plane smiling and posing for the camera.

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Litte did she know her picture would get so much attention because of one comment.

Desi user took to the comments section and shared his lovelorn tale of all the promises he would keep after they were married.

Yes, folks, he was not one of the regular-slipping-into-your-DMs with ‘let’s do frandship’ people. He was a besotted boy who went straight to marriage and commitment but who also didn’t know spellings. (Gimme a grammar nazi high five if you cringed a little at his ‘tell’.)

I mean, all the bechara Romeo wanted was to keep her happy until his dying day but instead was offered help from someone I am pretty sure he didn’t want in the equation.

Yeah guys, story mein twist aur husband ki entry!

But if you think that’s all, no guys we have the final icing on the cake. He replied to the happy couple saying that he’s sorry and the husband is very lucky. But the next comment takes the trophy home.

Isn’t this just the cherry on top?

Sorry, Mr. Hopeless Romantic you didn’t find your forever with bae. But don’t worry and keep finding your lobster, we’re rooting for you!

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