Customer Accidentally Accelerates Car Inside Showroom, Crashes Through Glass Pane


Purchasing a brand new car is a truly special experience. We save money for it, research our options and test drive our shortlisted models before finally picking out ‘the one’. The joy of calling it our own and driving around town in it is boundless. Especially if it is our first.

But for a customer in Himachal Pradesh, this experience turned out horribly wrong. She accidentally accelerated a car in the showroom, lost control of the vehicle and crashed it through the glass pane.

According to a report by Yahoo Finance, the incident happened on 18 February 2019 at the Dev Bhoomi Hyundai dealership in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. A woman along with her parents came to the showroom to potentially buy a Hyundai Elite i20. A staff member unlocked a car on display and offered her a seat in it, presumably to get the feel of it before closing the sale.

After the woman sat in the car, it suddenly sped forward straight through the glass panels. The car finally came to a halt after smashing into another one parked out front.

Reportedly, no one sustained any injuries but the property damage is calculated to be around INR 4 lakh.

Cases such as these are not exactly common because dealerships do not allow people to start engines inside the showroom. Whether this particular model was an automatic is still unknown. But what’s certain is that if we want to avoid such dangerous situations, we should keep away from the accelerator.

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