Chinese Students’ Jugaad Of Automatic Door Made With Rope & Bottle Is Winning Praise Online


A few years ago, we came across a genius corn seller who made a makeshift fan + light using scrap material. Later on, a woman stirred quite a fiasco when she tried to pull a bizarre stunt by selling slippers made out of plastic bottles online.

While India’s affinity for ‘jugaad’ is world famous, the Chinese never fail to try having an upper hand in making inventions out of nothing. From Chinese mobile phones to toys, ‘China ka maal’ is something Indians hesitate to trust but are certainly fond of.

Chinese inventions do fascinate the world, and the latest one would leave you saying WOW and LOL at the same time!

A group of six Chinese students is in news for inventing an automatic closing door, not with any extravagant kit, but just with a rope and plastic bottle.

Amazed? So are we!

Here’s how they did it:
1. They apparently attached the rope to a plastic bottle full of water.
2. Next, they tied the rope to the door in such a way that whenever someone opens the door, it gets closed with the weight of the bottle.

The video of the out of the box invention, which was shared by a Chinese online daily is going viral on social media with 56.6K views and 424 retweets and counting.

The invention has got a thumbs up from the netizens. People are heaping praise on the students for their genius and useful idea.

Natty, isn’t it? Did you or your friends make such clever inventions in your college hostel? Do share stories of such jugaad with us!

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