Bihar Groom Enters On E-Rickshaw Driven By Sister, Gifts Saplings & Goes Plastic-Free At Wedding


The baraat at any desi shaadi is a sight to behold. There’s dhol, dancing and lots of #BaraatiSwag. And the star of the procession i.e. the groom typically enters on a decked up horse. Lately, grooms have been coming up with new ways to make an entrance. I know of one dulha who came in a Batmobile and another who opted for a road roller. But there are also those who have socially responsible and environment-friendly weddings.

Shravan and Ruchi, a couple that tied the knot in Darbhanga, Bihar, had one such socially conscious wedding.

Their invitation was a copy of the Bhagavad Gita along with Janeu (sacred thread) and Supari (Betel Nuts)

The groom entered the venue in an e-rickshaw driven by his sister. The idea behind it was to embrace modes of transport that don’t cause pollution and also women empowerment.

Interestingly, there were no bands or DJ at the festivities. Instead, the children in the family gave a dance performance with a message to preserve our culture and heritage. The entire celebration had no plastic cutlery or utensils.

The couple planted saplings at the venue and also gave some to their guests to combat global warming.

Giving saplings as gifts isn’t new in India, another Assamese couple did it too. When asked what prompted such a unique wedding, the bride said that she believed in simplicity. Showing off and wasting money was not how she wanted it to be.

The groom revealed that all the monetary gifts they received will be given to a local government school to facilitate a smart classroom.

What a wonderful shaadi that gave back to society! Would you use some of these ideas at your own nuptials?

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