Ali Zafar Gets Slammed Online For Supporting Imran Khan’s Speech After Pulwama Incident


After the Pulwama incident on 14th February, a lot of celebs flooded social media with their personal opinions on what they felt should be the next course of action.

While the tragedy wreaked havoc in our country, Pakistan remained silent. The Pakistani government failed to issue an official statement even after the militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed responsibility.

Yesterday, the Pakistan PM Imran Khan issued an official statement where he said that India was wrongfully accusing Pakistan without any evidence that could incriminate them.

He also warned India that if Indian government launched an attack on Pakistan, they too would retaliate. This statement created quite an uproar, and actor-singer Ali Zafar decided to break his silence on it.

He praised the PM’s speech and supported it. He said “Listen with an open heart and mind devoid of ego, bias or hatred. If can’t, listen again after a few days in a moment of peace.”

Of course, this angered a lot of people who thought that Ali Zafar should be the last person to comment on such things. Some felt that having worked in India as an actor and a musician, he should have been more sensitive while making the comment.







What do you think about Ali Zafar’s statements?

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