A Woman Photographs Herself Imitating Celebrities to Show That Style Shouldn’t Depend on Size


Katie Sturino has shown us that curvier women don’t have to abide by boring fashion trends. This influencer has taken to Instagram to share photographs of her wearing outfits similar to those of celebrities and imitating their poses to show that style shouldn’t depend on size. Her followers admire her project and regularly leave positive comments about her figure, posts, and style.

ViralSection will show you some of the influencer’s pictures, proving she’s helping to change the way we look at fashion.

1. This is Katie, the woman who has proven that having self-confidence is more important than being skinny.

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This is a BEFORE/AFTER series, but not in the way we traditionally think about it. 👸🏻 We are used to the idea that our lives start AFTER we lose weight. AFTER we make some change to ourselves. 🙋‍♀️ I wrote about gaining 60lbs during my divorce in @glamour and so many of you identified. I cannot tell you how “fat” I told myself I was in those before photos. How much I beat myself up. Punished myself mentally for never quite being the right size. I was never comfortable. The “After” photos reveal a girl who has accepted her body, found her confidence, chosen herself, figured out what was important and plugged into a career that allows her to spread that love and message. When I started the 12ish style, I was a size 12/14 and I thought it was very difficult to shop and I wanted to share my hacks with other women. What the site turned into was a place where many women were able to accept themselves, including me. I put the work in, healed my soul and committed to positivity. Everyday I get to hear your stories and I’m so grateful❤️

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2. It’s not about discussing who looks better but rather, to make us all look great.

3. All curves are different.

4. A red dress, Jennifer Garner style

5. Two variants of a fall classic

6. Her style is inspired by Meghan Markle.

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In honor of Meghan Markles baby news, I’m posting some of my fave #SuperSizeTheLook ‘s with her. But baby news can be triggering for some and for those of you struggling and those thinking of freezing their eggs, today I’m also proud to be a part of @Knixwear’s #FacesofFertility campaign and revisit my experience with freezing my own eggs. The strangest thing that I learned during the process is that nobody talks about it! I froze my eggs because I don’t know if I want to have kids, and I don’t know when I want to have kids, but I know it’s not now and I know I want to keep my options open. When I started looking into it, friends whispered doctors names and I got sad looks from acquaintances who took the egg freezing as a sign of failure. As with so many things on my platform, I want to empower women and get rid of stigmas. Fertility is shrouded with emotion, silence and misinformation. I hope you feel you can always turn to me and to the women you meet here to find support! Did you end up freezing your eggs? Please feel free to share and let’s knix the stigma! If you use the hashtag #FacesofFertility @knixwear will donate $1 to @resolve, a national infertility organization.

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7. Jessica Biel and an animal print skirt

8. Jennifer Aniston in black and white

9. Personal style, regardless of what size you are

10. Katie Holmes in a cashmere sweater

11. It’s all about everyone feeling comfortable in any garment.

12. She imagines what it would be like to walk around and have all eyes on her.

13. Every body type can look stylish.

14. With the help of her husband, she reproduced a photo of Prince Harry.

15. She proves you can look beautiful at any size.

16. She posed next to Blair Eadie, wearing the same clothes.

17. Katie inspires her followers to leave their insecurities behind.

18. Looking like Princess Kate at the end of summer

19. Showing off Constance Wu’s style

20. Meghan Markle is one of her major inspirations.

Of all these outfits, which do you think is the best? Do you think being of a larger size is an obstacle to looking fashionable? Leave your opinion in the comment section!

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